The piece by a Caravan Staff writer, Sagar, who is speaking about the imposition of Hindi that has begun across the country in the past few months. As a Dalit himself, he approached the piece from a personal/first person perspective speaking about how his education in Hindi, having grown up in Bihar, has kept him from learning about certain ideas/ideologies particularly related to caste politics. 
He speaks about how Dalit history is particularly hidden in a hindi upbringing and had it not been for his familiarity with the literature and educational institutions of other languages primarily English, he would have remained unaware of the histories of caste politics and conflicts that have existed in our country. It was in English he says that he became familiar with Ambedkar's Annihilation of Caste, writers like Malcolm X etc and opened his mind to anti-caste politics, progressive thought and the history of struggles against inequality.
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